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Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends programme is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia.  It aims to transform the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about the condition.  Dementia touches the lives of millions of people across the UK.  Dementia Friends was launched to tackle the stigma and lack of understanding that means many people with the condition experience loneliness and social exclusion.

Dementia Friends is about learning more about Dementia and the small ways you can help.

A Dementia Friend is someone who has a better understanding of Dementia; will know how to act more sympathetically towards people with Dementia in their communities and workplaces; and has committed to taking a practical action to help people with dementia, contributing to a Dementia friendly community.

The practice staff have received Dementia Friendly training and are working towards making the practice a better place for people with Dementia.

Carers Resilience Service

          Crossroads Logo         Do you look after a friend or relative with Dementia?                   

                           Need to know what support is out there?

We can offer information, advice and short term support for carers of people with Dementia

               Ask your GP about the Carer Resilience Service or

                    Call 01709 360272 for more information                                

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Crossroads Care Rotherham and the Carers Resilience Service support and service update 

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Are you supporting someone with memory loss who is at risk of going missing? 

The Herbert Protocol is used as an initiative to collect information that can be used if a person with dementia goes missing. The This Is Me document is to support a person with dementia entering an unfamiliar place (e.g. residential care, hospital).  Workshops are to support carers and families of those with dementia to complete these forms. Accessible for anyone with a Rotherham GP, and sessions are delivered over the internet via Microsoft Teams as well as face to face

Online Workshop Information

Face to Face Workshop Information